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THEOplayer SDK API source package

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Package Description

THEOplayer SDK API source package

This package contains classes for making SourceDescription Objects

Getting started examples

to set a source use:


Simple setSource example not using builders

To use Player.setSource(SourceDescription) with a simple source without using the builders you do:

SourceDescription sourceDescription = new SourceDescription("")

setSource example with widevine DRM using builders

To use setSource with a source using the builders you do:

KeySystemConfiguration widevine = new KeySystemConfiguration("");
DRMConfiguration drmConfiguration = DRMConfiguration.Builder.widevineDrm( widevine}(widevine).build();
TypedSource widevineSource = typedSource("").drm(drmConfiguration).build();
SourceDescription sourceDescription = sourceDescription(widevineSource).build();
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